Emeritus Professor Pema Gyalpo

Gifu Women’s University, Japan
Takushoku University, Japan

NRB DAY Award 2023
Special Contribution in Our Liberation War in 1971

Professor Pema Gyalpo has been chosen for the NRB Day Award 2023 for his glorious contribution during Bangladesh war of independence towards formulating public opinion and raising funds to support refugees and destitute.

Professor Pema Gyalpo, born in Tibet in 1953, a Japanese citizen since 1965, was a great sympathizer during the Bangladesh war of independence and an activist contributing immensely to the liberation of Bangladesh. A friend of Bangladesh, he is involved with about 20 organizations in Japan in the field of education, religion, international exchangers, which include: The Japan India Association, OISCA International, Friendship Exchange Council, Japan Buddhist Association for World Federation, Asian Solidarity Council for Freedom and Democracy, Centre for South  Asian Studies of Gifu Women’s University, Fellow and Emeritus Professor of Gifu University, Visiting Professor of Toin University of Yokohama and Takushoku University.

He served as an advisor to the President of Mongolia and received the award of Polar Star, and at present serving as advisor to the Prime Minister of the Royal Government of Bhutan. He also writes columns and articles for a number of magazines and newspapers, on a regular and occasional basis and authored about 70 books including some translations, and co-authored on the China, Indian and Japan on current affairs. Currently he is a Visiting Professor of Institute of International Japanese Studies, Takushoku University.