NRB DAY Award 2023
Art & Culture

Singer and organizer Sirajus Salekin has been chosen for NRB Day Award 2023 for his remarkable contribution to the field of music in general and Rabindranath Tagore’s song in particular.

Sirajus Salekin a renowned singer of Bangladesh is widely known for his devotion in singing and promoting Tagore’s song in Bangladesh and abroad. He belongs to that rare group of singers who strive hard to keep the purity of music.

Born in an excellent musical environment, Salekin’s father was a Late Abdul Latif, prominent singer of the country.   Most of the present day stalwarts of music are his students. They were frequent visitors to their respected teacher’s house and as such Salekin came to be associated with most of the singing geniuses of his time. In 1962, at the age of six first he sang with his father and later participated in children’s programs in radio and television. By the 1970s he was already considered to be among the few talented singers of repute. At the age of 39, he migrated to Australia and formed `Protiti’, a cultural organization to promote Banlga music, particularly Tagore song in Australia.