NRB DAY Award 2023

Mr. Sohel Chowdhury has been chosen for NRB Day Award 2023 for his remarkable individual efforts in bringing quality to the fishery and feeding people healthy and tastier fish of the region.

Mr. Sohel Chowdhury could have a comfortable life abroad, particularly in South Korea as he earned the confidence of his employer, but instead he returned to Bangladesh and started fish production business that made him even richer and happier. After obtaining a degree from a local college, this young man from Hatibandha of Lalmonirhat took a loan of seven lakh taka from a bank to go to South Korea and build his carrier, but it was his bad luck, the money he handed over could not be of any use as it was fraudulently taken by the cheaters in manpower business.  He shook off frustration and got training and learnt Korean language and finally thought of a government channel. He reached his destination of South Korea in 2010 to spend 10 long years working to gain experience. He learnt better ways of fish production following YouTube demonstrations and applied in his leased land. He leased in a large water-body of 60 bighas and started feeding his fish the best available foods. It ultimately paid him back in marvelous return. Best of food made fish tastier than other fish farms. The news spread all around, now he does not need to go to market to sell his fish, rather fish sellers stand in line to get his fish. He invested 50 lakh taka and got excellent results. It’s the care for fish that changed him a lot. Now his fish farm has turned into a model for production of healthy and tasteful fish.